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When we started Homegirls we didn’t want you to buy it because you felt like it was the right thing to do… we wanted you to buy it because it’s amazing! Our mission was to make an amazing brand that just happens to be a social enterprise under the hood. But if you’re here you’re probably interested in our impact work, so pull up a chair and we’ll tell you all about why we do what we do.


There are currently around 24,000 female refugees and women seeking asylum in Australia. Most of the time their only connection with Australia is through their case workers. The lack of infrastructure in place for these women to make genuine social connections becomes isolating, which can breed emotional distress.

We are here to show them they’re not alone.


We’re tackling a global crisis by starting at the core, we’re humanising the individuals in this movement by connecting them with the local community and enabling them to use their skills for purpose.